Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions as stated and agreed by all parties on the occupation of this property.

  1. The accommodation is let to the person stated on the booking for the purposes of holiday rental for the period specified in the reservation confirmation. Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions stated below can result in the termination of the booking with no refund.
  2. Check-in time is 3:00 pm on arrival day and check out is strictly 10 am on the day of departure.  Keys for the front door ( located down side walkway) will be in the key lockbox located at garage entrance.  There is also a touch key pad to open garage door, internal door for access to the house.Please note that due to heavy cleaning workloads that delays may be experienced for check-in times.
  3. Jindabyne Getaways participates in the NSW Code of Conduct for the Short-term rental accommodation industry. All guests making reservations must be aware of the code and understand their obligations as guests under the code. A copy of the code can be found on the NSW fair trading website.
  4. The owner and the agent take no responsibility for the guest’s personal property. All guests are responsible for keeping the property secure during their stay and when vacating the property. Any theft and damage shall be the sole responsibility of the guest.
  5. Each property listed through Jindabyne Getaways and the external booking sites has a specified maximum number of occupants. Guests confirm at time of booking that the total number of occupants will not exceed this number.  Should the number of occupants exceed this number Jindabyne Getaways can terminate the guest’s occupancy and the booking for immediate departure – no refund will be issued.
  6. Security Bond – each property has a pre-authorisation placed on the credit card provided by the guest prior to checking into the property. This bond varies from $100-$1000 depending on the property. The Security Bond covers cleaning outside normal requirements, excessive garbage, damage, breakages, loss of property, lost keys, and late departure. No Bond, no keys – no exceptions.
  7. All properties are non-smoking.  Guests will be liable for additional cleaning charges depending on damage.  These charges may include but not be limited to the cleaning of carpet, furniture, and additional cleaning. In accordance with Australian Consumer Law, any charges will be communicated to the guest in writing before being deducted from the bond.
  8. Under no circumstances are animals permitted on or inside the premises. Any breach will result in an automatic carpet cleaning fee of $500 and may be subject to additional charges that may be incurred. The animals will be asked to be remove immediately and Reservation booking may be cancelled.
  9. Acceptance of this booking is made in good faith by this agency but may be subject to change due to beyond our control (eg: fire, storm damage, property damage, sale of the property). Jindabyne Getaways reserve the right to cancel bookings at the instructions of the owner due to reasons above and will be notified immediately and Jindabyne Getaways will attempt to secure alternate accommodation, however, if not possible all money will be refunded in full.
  10. Bookings are made at this time with the current owner, if the property is sold the agent cannot ensure that the new owner will be making the property available. In this case Jindabyne Getaway will attempt to relocate the Reservation to a similar property but if not possible, a full refund will be issued.
  11. The property is offered to you in a clean and functional condition. Upon departure, the property must be left in a clean, tidy condition with all garbage removed from the property. All food brought into the property must be removed or disposed of. An additional charge will be applied for cleaning considered to be beyond normal expectations, excessive rubbish removal, loss or non-return of keys and a requirement to clean the BBQ after departure.
    Rubbish bin lids must be able to be closed and not overflowing. Rubbish should be taken out at a reasonable hour to not cause disruption to neighbours (eg. with recycling bottles)
  12. All guests are responsible for any loss or damage arising from breakages or other damage to the property or common property during their stay. This can include but not be limited to additional cleaning, removal of excess rubbish, repairs and replacement of items or the property, and we ask that you treat the property as if it were your own.  All damage, breakages or losses to the property and property furniture and furnishings are to be reported to the jindabyne Getaways as soon as practical and paid for by the guest immediately. Should you discover a fault or breakage when you arrive, please advise us  immediately via email or we will consider those the responsibility of the current guest and charge accordingly.
  13. Jindabyne Getaways will make all efforts to contact guests when access is required to an occupied property. In emergency cases where we have not been able to contact a guest, reserves the right to enter a property without the explicit knowledge or permission of the guest.
  14. Guests are responsible for the safekeeping of accommodation keys and/or remotes. If keys and/or remotes are lost, you will be responsible for the cost of changing the locks and replacement remotes (if applicable) and the cutting of 6 new sets of keys. If no keys are available, guests will be liable for any costs involved in gaining entry to the premises via a locksmith. Guests must not break in or attempt to break into the premises when locked out. Should a guest require duplicate keys after hours a $50 service fee might be applied.
  15. Linen is provided, including sheets, pillows slips, towels, bathmats & a tea towel as well as full bedding.Doonas Blankets and pillows.  The home has a some condiments like  tea, coffee, sugar, oils, salt, pepper, sauces, paper towels provided on arrival, also a small supply of dishing detergent & powder, shampoo, conditioner, soap for each bathroom, and a couple of rolls of toilet paper. Any additional supplies required for the length of the stay is the responsibility of the guest.
  16. Strata by-laws and council regulations must be complied with. We ask that consideration be given to other guests with respect to noise, parking and other issues that affect the peaceful enjoyment of others. Any reported noise/disturbance which results in the police being called may be the grounds for eviction without a refund.
  17. The home has 2 parking spots inside garage, one off-street parking available located near bin enclosure. PLEASE do not park in front of any other garages located on driveway. On-street parking is not provided or guaranteed for guests or visitors. Accommodation Jindabyne cannot be held responsible for any fines or penalties incurred by the guest or visitors from parking on the street.
  18. See check the “House Rules” and any locked areas in a property are private. Unlawful access to locked areas is a breach of this agreement and legal action may be taken.

General Disclaimer

Jindabyne Getaways nor the owner can be held responsible for failure or power interruptions to the property for reasons out of our control.Any properties managed by Jindabyne Getaways are in suburban locations, where from time to time, there may be building or construction on neighbouring properties. Jindabyne Getaways takes no responsibility for issues relating to noise on neighbouring properties.

Whilst all measures are taken to avoid misrepresentation, any descriptions (written or verbal) and images that represent the property, are true to the best of our knowledge and we cannot be responsible for any changes.

If a booking is taken at incorrect rates or where a property is unavailable, Jindabyne getaways reserve the right to cancel the booking or re-offer it to you at the correct rate. Technical issues are rare, but they do occur.

These terms and conditions can be varied at any time without notice. Guests should always refer to our website for the current terms and conditions.